team building, human resource- and organisational development

Our focus lies on finding suitable and qualified employees for your company at the right time and in the right location. However, we also offer our customers qualified meetings to clarify issues that go beyond these aspects. We frequently analyse current employee group qualifications and uncover potential deficits as part of the dialogue with our customers. At the same time, a mutual reflection of the organisational structures has the potential to expose potential demands for optimisation.

We can fall back on an ample basis of experiences in the following areas to increase companies' efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Special training sessions (internal/sales team training sessions, presentation and argumentation techniques, trade fair training sessions, telephone service trainings, etc.)
  • Corporate identity and corporate philosophy
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Concepts to develop organisations and HR development
  • Project management
  • Conflict management
  • Improving collaborations across teams

Our qualified and experienced trainers directly analyse the individual training requirements of the target group on site to amplify the success of training sessions, also as part of individual coaching. Our trainers are also available for regular, individual measures and feedback sessions to support you in implementing and increasing the sustainable effects.

Voß & Partner GmbH

Your partner for recruitment, in particular for challenging, technical issues. In addition to our established market position in recruiting specialist and management positions within the facility management sector, we have proven to be a successful service provider in industrially dominated, technical environments.


Trade fair dates

15. - 19.June2015
Zukunft Personal15. - 17.September2015
Bautec Berlin16. - 19.February2016
SHK Essen09. - 12.March2016
MCE Mailand15. - 18.March2016
IFH/Intherm Nürnberg05. - 08.April2016
Chillventa Nürnberg11. - 13.October2016
05. - 09.